Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tough luck, my friend. I had a momentary setback, but like Stella, I'm gettin' slapped like a mug.

In the grandiose scheme of things, we're all going to die, so lets get a few things straight.

Black people are cool

Everyone is lazy.
This is Awesome.

That is all.

MOAR news: Finger Eating Edition

Lets get the crazy started correctly with this little tidbit from the fiancĂ© of the psychopath craigslist serial killer. Hrm…He’s on surveillance cameras at the scenes of the crimes...He has the underwears from the lucky ladies…His pistol matches…this is starting to sound like a bad episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent. Where’s the drama? Where’s the twist? Maybe the fiancĂ© ordered the crimespree. That’s why she’s standing by her man. Or she’s his sister. Hot.

Come for the culture, stay for the 101 Rapes.

Being a queer for audiophile related stuff, this made me chuckle. Monster Cable is going to have to slash their prices to stay competitive with the demise of Circuit City. Considering they think slashing the price from 125 to 99 dollars will convince you to not go to monoprice to buy that same cable for 4 dollars, I want whatever they're freebasing.

Naked? Jesus? I'm there.

Fail Jokes fail at failing and are perceived as hunky dory.

See you later. (Haha! I won't 'cause I can't see you, fucker)

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